Ph.D. Molecular and/ or Cellular Biology

פורסם בתאריך: מיקום : ירושלים
תחום : מדעי החיים / ביוטק חלקיות : משרה מלאה

For a breakthrough study in a laboratory affiliated with the Lautenberg Center of Immunology at the Hebrew University, we are looking for a Ph.D researches in Biology or post docs in this field. The candidate will focus on mechanism of action of chronic inflammatory diseases, (including autoimmune diseases) and Alzheimer’s disease. A Biotech company is collaborating with our academic group for translating our academic study to clinical trials, opening opportunities for future career in the pharmaceutical industry. The candidate should control the following methods: FACS, Confocal Microscopy, gene/ protein analyses and molecular/cellular technologies. Priority will be given to candidates with animal experience.
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